Jun 252014

If you’re into WordPress then this is a must read.

Admittedly, I have yet to try the recommended tweaks in this article though they sound promising and cover a broad range of options. There is more than using suggested plugins to analyze and speed up your site (though there are a few of those). What lends credibility is the author’s recommendation that you start with the foundation by considering your hosting company and platform. If you use cheap $4 per month shared hosting, your site will be slow regardless of any tweaks you may deploy.

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Jun 222014

I’m still forming an opinion on the effectiveness of popup overlays. My reservation stems from the potential of creating visitor irritation or ill will. Nevertheless, this article from entrepreneur.com offers many options and different approaches, some of which have merit. It’s definitely worthy of review.

67 Tools That Will Help You Grow Your Email List | Entrepreneur.com.

Aug 292013

This is a great tutorial for getting started on customizing WordPress to suite most client needs. You’ll get info on key plugins and how to use them. Be sure to check comments below the video tutorial for additional information and resources.

#121: The Right CMS is a Customized One | CSS-Tricks.

Jul 272013

wpmudev looks like a promising source of premium WordPress plugins. It uses the “all you can eat” low monthly subscription model that I’ve seen other premium service sites use. It’s enticing so long as you can continue use after your subscription laps which seems to be the case here.

Premium WordPress Plugins, Support & Themes – WPMU DEV.