Nov 052013

The last subheading in this article is “…Do make me think, sometimes”, an obvious nod to Steve Krug and one I agree with. The crux of the authors point is noted in the following quote.

We know that well-presented content and organized design makes information appear more credible. Unfortunately, this can also be true when the content itself is of low quality.

Actual interaction time and engagement may increase when information is actually slightly harder to decipher or digest easily. This suggests that simplification of content is not always desirable if we are designing for understanding over and above mere speedy consumption.

Sometimes, perhaps out of the fear of high bounce rates, we might be ignoring the fact that maybe we can afford to lose a percentage of users if those that stick are motivated to really engage with our content. In this case, the level of detail to support this deeper interaction needs to be there.

Good food for thought wouldn’t you say? Now read the full article.

Clicking Fast and Slow « Boxes and Arrows.