Jul 262014

This article focuses on a mobile first strategy that emphasizes good user experience which a traditional implementation of responsive design doesn’t meet in many cases. I found interesting the observation that all CSS and scripts are loaded regardless of media queries and there are steps you can take to avoid that. One approach is using javascript MATCHMEDIA (I wish the author would have gone into  some detail on this point). What’s most interesting is the behavior and latency in mobile networks. Recognizing that should cause you to adjust your approach.

I suggest giving this eye opening article a read.

You May Be Losing Users If Responsive Web Design Is Your Only Mobile Strategy | Smashing Magazine.

Feb 112014

Here’s a handy set of references on using the style panel in Dreamweaver from version 8 through CS6. Functionality across versions is similar. This is a CSS tutorial using Dreamweaver as the development tool.

Feb 052014

I’ve been having fun putting up screencast tutorials for the courses I teach using responsive video that resizes with the viewport. The only problem is distortion on resize: quality not aspect ratio. The trick with this type of screencast is that viewers are usually working on tasks while viewing so screen space is limited. Not everyone has the benefit of multiple monitors, therefore, you really need flexible media that retains quality on resize. Chris Coyer offers up some creative solutions in his post that should address the problem. I’ll do an update as soon as I give them a try.

Rundown of Handling Flexible Media | CSS-Tricks.

Dec 092013

This article effectively highlights design challenges for high resolution screens. Locking in max-width is a limiting and oftentimes detrimental approach. With responsive design one needs to consider big screen opportunities as well as small screen compatibility. How can you take advantage of high resolution? Consider content strategy and the opportunity to keep more content above the fold. The plethora of examples along with discussion on how others have utilized the big screen are what really make this article useful.

CSS3 offers two key techniques for responsive designs across resolutions. One that shows the most promise is CSS regions. Also look at CSS columns and design around a strong grid.

Surveying the Big Screen · An A List Apart Article.

Oct 172013

There are many CSS table generators out there: some better than others. Most output beautiful looking tables with the downside of bloated code and extra divs. If you’re looking for quick basic table CSS then I recommend HTML and CSS Table Border Style Wizard. This is not complete solution but rather a visual quickstart for basic table features.

Sep 272013

Question: what are CSS sprites?
Answer: a single image file containing a composite of several images.
Question: how are they used?
Answer: a common application is navigation where different sections of an image are revealed based on menu item states e.g. static, hover, selected.
If you’re not familiar with CSS sprites then this article is a great primer. Sprites are a powerful tool for front end designers. Learn about their advantages and how to use them.

The Mystery Of CSS Sprites: Techniques, Tools And Tutorials | Smashing Coding.

Sep 252013

I like to keep handy time saving code generators a click away. The code is usually simple enough to write in notepad but it saves time to click, enter a few values, then copy/paste instead. This is especially the case for complex CSS3 rules like animation, transitions, text rotation and shadows.

Dynamic Drive’s email riddler is more than mere code generator as it provides handy encryption for those who want to put email addresses on websites without causing heaps of spam for recipients.

Sep 042013

Interactive design elements are highly effective across a broad range of physical and virtual products if they are done in a way that increases user engagement in a positive way. Case in point, using CSS hover elements for user interactions. This article provides and excellent example along with a tutorial on how it’s done.

Designing For Emotion With Hover Effects | Smashing Coding.