Apr 032014

It’s difficult to find an informed concise review and comparison of these two elearning software packages in their current versions. This review is the best I’ve found to date that gives those with less than expert level on both an informed viewpoint. I have a good working knowledge of Captivate and I’m learning Articulate Storyline which I really like.

If I had to choose between them I’d go with Storyline for Rapid Development and publishing though Captivate integrates well with other Adobe products which can be appealing to advanced developers.

Read the article and form your own opinion.

Elearning Authoring tools : Adobe Captivate vs Articulate Storyline.

Feb 142014

This article correlates the adult learning experience with an at large user experience by looking beyond curriculum design and considering all aspects of learning. The author models his concept on Jesse James Garrett’s Elements of User Experience. As a web and technology instructor I greatly appreciate the merit of this approach.

Designing learning experiences must be treated in the same way as designing any sort of user experience. Learners, just like users, have needs that can only be solved through proper research, design, validation, and iteration.

Anyone involved in adult learning should step outside the limiting boundaries of curriculum design in order to account for the learner’s entire experience. By only focusing on content, we are missing out and what actually makes up a person’s reality, including the environment in which they’re learning in, and their lives before and after the learning experience.

Elements of Learning Experience Design « Boxes and Arrows.

Feb 112014

What a brilliant idea! Deliver an online course to a learner’s inbox one lesson at a time. At the end of each lesson simply click a link to trigger delivery of subsequent lessons. If learners lose track or interest you can trigger occasional reminders and you can even tie in ecommerce if you want to charge for your course

This can all be done using MailChimp. The author walks you through the MailChimp configuration process step-by-step which really amounts to calling up integrated event triggers.

How To Create A Self-Paced Email Course | Smashing Magazine.

Jan 092014

This article is speaking to the choir for me. It rings true and reminds my of why a really enjoy teaching web design. It’s wonderful to pass along what I’ve learned and it really helps me better communicate technical concepts to non-technical individuals. There’s more, but you have to read the article. Suffice to say, I think the article author is right on the money.

The Challenges And Rewards Of Teaching Web Design | Smashing Magazine.

Sep 052013

Be sure to download the PDF which gives a quick overview in the form of a grid on all top social media channels and their strengths and weaknesses. This is a great primer for those who are not up to speed on the primary SM channels. Even if you are you may still find this interesting.

The 2013 CMO's Guide To The Social Media Landscape.

Aug 292013

As a web design instructor I found this article informative and useful. I’ve been incorporating some of these approaches in my own teaching, and I plan to take a serious look at some of the others. I found the part on collaboration between adjunct and full time professors particularly worthy of consideration.

Teaching Web Design To New Students | Smashing Magazine article.