Oct 292013

This article covers the media spectrum of digital storytelling. What fascinated me as a steady consumer of online news content is the trend towards subcompact publishing which

“has been defined as a method of digitally publishing focused HTML-based content targeted at carefully identified audiences, primarily via mobile devices, in small, weekly (or so), mainly text-based issues, adhering to simple user-interface and navigation principles.”

Reading within apps can be limiting (an app for every newspaper) and RSS readers though great can be problematic. Have you experienced a Feedly crash lately? Enter Subcompact publications (qz.com) that offer long form content using a simple interface and a flat taxonomy in your mobile browser–no app required–on any platform.

Desktop versions of news websites have become so cluttered with floating ads, confusing layered taxonomies, and pages that load with the speed of flowing molasses, even on desktop connections, that they have become untenable perhaps even in-viable. So check out this article and take a look at a few refreshing subcompact publications.

Recent Trends In Storytelling And New Business Models For Publishers | Smashing Magazine.