Mar 242014

If you’re hosting your own video content and need robust streaming that’s cross platform and html5 friendly then Adobe Media Server with good encoding presets and a robust back-end works well.

Here’s an article that details a project I was involved in a while ago. It serves as a good reference on the approach we took to make it work. The actual web application is live and hosted by Web Learning Solutions for the Minnesota Humanities Center.

I’m Saying Adios to F4V. By Jan Ozer

Feb 052014

I’ve been having fun putting up screencast tutorials for the courses I teach using responsive video that resizes with the viewport. The only problem is distortion on resize: quality not aspect ratio. The trick with this type of screencast is that viewers are usually working on tasks while viewing so screen space is limited. Not everyone has the benefit of multiple monitors, therefore, you really need flexible media that retains quality on resize. Chris Coyer offers up some creative solutions in his post that should address the problem. I’ll do an update as soon as I give them a try.

Rundown of Handling Flexible Media | CSS-Tricks.