Dec 192013

This article was prompted by Adobe’s announcement that they will no longer continue development of Fireworks. Many UI designers use the Illustrator Photoshop combination which begs the question for some – Why Fireworks?

If you read this excellent article you’ll get the answer in detail with a mouth watering list of features that make obvious the reasons Fireworks is an excellent UI development tool.

Here’s a brief excerpt on Photoshop/Fireworks differences.

Photoshop is the (elephant in the room) most obvious example. It was created for photo editing and print design tasks. A few UI design features were later added to it, yet Photoshop still lacks many features that would make it really useful (and easy to use) for screen design. Still, thousands (if not millions) of users worldwide have been working with this imperfect tool for more than a decade and use it successfully for UI design tasks.

Fireworks, on the other hand, was built from the ground up for UI and screen design, and every single feature in it is intended specifically to help the UI designer. Even though Fireworks isn’t the perfect tool, in my opinion it best meets the needs of UI designers.

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