May 312013

Notes from Twitter for Business on

A general rule for tweet allocation: Tweets by category: ⅓ general info ⅓ sales and marketing ⅓ company info.

  • sales and marketing: coupon codes, event signup, event signup.
  • company info, customer support and news, staff news, product tips
  • general info – business or industry related. ask questions. retweets, request help suggestions.

Twitter basics and lingo: get rid of articles and personal pronouns

retweets: RT@author: original message, MT@author, MRT@author followed by changed original message ,/cc, @anotheruser, /via @anotheruser, #ff – follow friday, where you suggest people your followers should consider following.

Getting started: follow and observe then just tweet occasionally.

Search engines :

  • Listorious to discover people to follow.
  • Twibes another place to discover people in various categories and groups.
  • Wefollow for top people in various categories.
  • Tweepi service by twitter for batch tasks related to following, flushing users and more. local follow find local people and businesses to follow.

Getting retweeted: include a call to action, “please RT”, leave at least 20 characters for MRT. post late in the day and focus on Monday and Friday.

Finding potential clients: reply to potential clients, answer questions.

  • tweets START with @username goes to username  .@username goes to username and all your followers. Mentions have @username somewhere in the tweet.
  • Twitter advanced search on topic, location, and question.
  • TweetDeck to track specific searches.
  • Replies, mentions, and conversations. track your mentions.
  • Follow your industries press, conferences, web portals in your field, government agencies that affect your business, your vendors and their colleagues, follow your competitors as well as some of your customers and clients.

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