Our Mission

To actively assist, support and participate in helping the children in Afghanistan by addressing their educational and public health needs.View our core values

Partnership For The Education of Children In Afghanistan

We believe that all children should receive an education, because education is the best means of achieving stability and safeguarding against extremist ideologies.

We believe that Afghan children are victims of circumstances beyond their control, and that one of the ways to ameliorate the past injustices that they have suffered is to provide them with an education.

Education is a source of social and economic advancement as well as a vehicle for teaching children to be good citizens.

PECA Core Value Statement, Theme 1

Busy watching the news
Drawn to one story, blocking all the rest
One little Afghan girl standing out in a crowd
With twinkle in her eyes... with smile
Looking to the camera...

In the cold of winter
In the height of despair
She could have been cold and hungry
Yet she was all smiles
First time ever in a classroom
Hungry for knowledge

The twinkle in her eyes...
This bliss, this sparkle of life
Made a silent profound cry...

Mankind is kind...love is within us
Reach in... love me...
Let me show you
I can learn... I can love...
I can give birth to a world of your choice

Partnership for Education of Children in Afghanistan
is a Minnesota non-profit corporation and recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.
EIN #77-0590869

Don't leave me behind
I don't want to be illiterate
I don't want to be ignorant
I don't want to be an incubator
Of ignorant generations to come
Help me out... love me...
Let me look up and reach for the skies
I have within me
Solid foundation of Hendokosk Mountain
'Cause I am a woman,
a mother
I am a possibility...
That can come alive
In a sparkle of human love
I know in my heart that Mankind is kind.

-This poem was written by an Afghan girl. She tells how she feels about the opportunity to be educated.