Lutheran Social Services

Financial and Budget Counseling

Your counselor will work with you to plan and meet your financial goals by wisely balancing income and expenses, helping you make the most out of Your financial situation.

Credit/Debt Counseling

Your EFC counselor may be able to assist you in getting the help you need to move beyond debt and towards a bright financial future.

Pre-filing Bankruptcy Counseling

If you are filing bankruptcy you are required by law to attend bankruptcy counseling. Our experts provide budget counseling and information on bankruptcy alternatives.

Housing Counseling

Buying a home? We can connect you with a housing counselor to help you determine what you can afford

Housing Foreclosures

If you are struggling to make the mortgage payments, there is help! Your housing counselor will help you sort out your options so you can follow the best plan to make mortgage payments.

US Federal

Free Checking

No monthly service charges or minimum balance requirements.

Savings/share Certificates

Save at EFC with our many account options. Let us help you find the one that is best for you.

ATM Access

Use the surcharge-free machine at our Eastside branch, along with hundreds of Twin Cities locations and thousands nationwide.

Consumer Loans

We offer loans for everything from vehicles, home equity/improvement, debt consolidation and much more. Borrow as little as $250 with low rates and easy terms.

HLPR Mortgages

This low-cost mortgage is designed for lower income first-time home buyers.

Neighborhood Services

Talk to us about check cashing, international wiring, and small business programs.