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FUSE represents Future Urban Systems
Engineering. It is a research program at the University of Minnesota.

The FUSE group is currently involved with:

  • Future - preparing students and researchers for advanced or progressive development
  • Urban - studying city transportation and networks
  • Systems - researching the interrelationship of people, places, and the social and physical networks that connect them
  • Engineering - using engineering skills, advanced survey and statistical techniques, agent-based modeling, database, game theory, and GIS

News & Announcements

Along with our new design, we are pleased to announce our new name: FUSE (formerly NEXUS).

Our director, David Levinson, is teaching at the Imperial College in London this academic year. He will be working with Dr. Robert Noland on a research project titled "The Co-Evolution of Transport Networks and Land Use". They will conduct research on the evolution of transport networks in the UK.

We would like to thank Metropolitan State University for their contribution to our new name and design.

David Levinson

Dr. David Levinson

Director of FUSE

Associate Professor of Civil Engineering

University of Minnesota


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