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The Design Team: Writ 573 website design competition winner

Out of the need for a new website, MNMACAE coordinated a development project with John Simmer, instructor of a Graduate level course entitled Writing and Designing for the Web (Writ 573) at Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, MN. Four teams within the class were established and charged with designing a completely new website for MNMACAE. Text content was provided, much of which was re-written re-organized and formatted to best suite the needs of the client. All other aspects of the website were developed and deployed entirely by the design teams. This included: site structure, graphics, web coding and menu system, as well as search engine strategy.

This website is the winning design. Aside from some updates content and feature additions, what you see here represents the finished website submitted by the team. Team members are listed below along with their contributions and bio (where provided). Feel free to contact them if you're in need of a web developer or related freelance services.

The Designers:

T. Fred Carpenter: Fred has been involved in the field of information technology for several years in roles as varied as analyst, database designer and coordinator, project manager, licensing and publications. She is an information architect and teaches design at Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, MN. Coupled with that experience is several years in the fields of academia, state government and non-profit work including grant administration.
contact: tfredcarpenter@gmail.com

Nik Jensen: Nik Jensen is beginning her career with heavy emphasis on web design technologies, in particular, PHP and CSS and HTML programming.
contact: jensenni@go.metrostate.edu

Patricia Overbo: Pat Overbo has nineteen years of experience with Allina and it's predecessors serving as technical writer, analyst, database coordinator, and project manager in information systems, occupational health, electronic medical records, and most recently with HealthPartners as a technical writer in the electronic medical records area. She brings focus and dedication to each project with both her technical and professional skill sets, in particular, directing talent into a cohesive team.
contact: patricia.overbo@gmail.com

Lindagail Roy: Lindagail has a wealth of technical and design experience. She is a website developer and designer who brings marketing skills and technical finesse to her clients' projects. She has worked in public education and the private sector and brings a deep concern for multi-cultural issues in her design research and considerations.
contact: webtasia@earthlink.net

Competing Design Teams:

The following are the runners up in this design competition. As you will see if you check these sites, it was a tough choice. Each alternate design has unique characteristics not present in the others. Keep in mind that these sites have not been updated or completed via the addition of features that were beyond the scope of this project. They represent the final work submitted by the teams upon project completion.

  • Group 2: Team Members - L. Maurice Draine, Anthony Lemm, Andrew Nesset, Linda Porter, Angela Warren.
  • Group 3: Team Members - Charlie Healy, Mindy Keskinen, Brenda Miller, Toua Thao, John Thomas.
  • Group 4: Team Members - Kate Devlen, Julia Iverson, Russell Raczkowski, Amanda Robinson.